Four Spanish Provinces in the top ten for economic growth in Europe

Four Spanish Provinces in the top ten for economic growth in Europe

Oxford Economics, world leaders in global forecasting and quantitative analysis, has carried out studies to determine which parts of Europe are most dynamic in terms of economic performance. Encouragingly for Spain, the report reveals the country has no fewer than four provinces represented in the European top ten.

In at number one is Tarragona…

The report shows that Tarragona, in the Catalonia region, is predicted to have the highest economic growth rate in Europe, as well as largest number of new jobs being generated between now and 2020. Expectations are that the number of new jobs being created there will grow from 354,400 to 390,600 by 2020, an increase of over 10 per cent.

A close second place goes to Málaga…

Current job opportunities and positions in Málaga, in the region of Andalucía, stand at 620,200 and are expected to rise at around the same rate of 10 per cent by 2020, to 678,200.

In fifth place is Guadalajara…

Guadalajara, in Castilla la Mancha, to the north-east of Madrid is an important industrial hub. It is therefore significant that it too ranks highly, with available jobs growing by 8.9 per cent.

In a very respectable seventh place out of the top ten is Álava…

Álava is located in the north of Spain between the Bay of Biscay and La Rioja. The predictions for economic growth here are just slightly lower, though the geographical spread of these four regions show just how well diversified Spain’s economic recovery is.

We asked Tony Cassidy of Marbella Direct what he thinks this means for Spain?
“What it means is that the crisis is officially over for Spain, as long as the economy carries on as it is currently. We were affected by the crisis, which had a hold over the whole of Europe, but these figures from Oxford Economics show that Spain is fighting back strongly and has consolidated impressive growth.”

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