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If you would like to put your property in Marbella on the market but are not sure about the steps to be taken, then a professional company such as ourselves will be happy to list them and, if you like, set the process in motion.

If, however, you would like to do a little independent research first before deciding, then why not have a look at our special Vendor’s Guide. It’s under General Info on our website, and is designed to offer a quick and easy reference to the practical steps and legal requirements involved with putting a property on the market.

The one-minute long video lists all the classic elements involved in listing your home with an estate agent, as well as the professional services Marbella Direct offers homeowners and both existing and new requirements. Don’t forget, the latter includes an Energy Efficiency Certificate that will be part of a property dossier that we will be required to have available to interested parties.

Official requirements such as these move with the times, as do the marketing tools and techniques available to us, so if you haven’t been involved in a property transaction for a while, we’re there to explain how it works and what we can do to market your property in an effective and suitable way.

There is also an easy step-by-step brochure on our website that you can download and print out for convenient reference, and should you be looking for a company that can really put its weight and resources behind marketing your property, then Marbella Direct’s experience, reputation and specialisation in Marbella luxury real estate makes us an ideal candidate.

We know how to promote luxury homes and we think you will like our short video, which explains why you should consider Marbella Direct to list your home.

Please feel free to contact us about other advantages of listing with us either exclusively or as one of a small selection of Marbella’s most respected real estate agents.

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