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New styles sweep Marbella

The world moves according to the ebb and flow of fashion, trends, fads and styles – the very things that define a particular era or moment in our lives – but within this each town, region or country still manages to impress its own personality on the process.

Marbella is a fine example of this, as it follows global trends and styles, but does it in its own way. This isn’t born out of obstinacy but in reaction to this resort town’s unique location, climate and lifestyle. Due to the climate and the outdoor way of life you will see summery outfits, brighter colours and more emphasis and sports clothing, for instance, while the area’s architecture similarly responds to the climate and lifestyle.

This includes spacious terraces, large windows focused on great views and homes and complexes with subtropical gardens, swimming pools and terrace decks. Many even have their own heated indoor pools and spas, all of which feeds into the architectural mix and the look of the properties that emerge. Technical construction standards and levels of comfort have come a long way from the early days of the Costa del Sol, and now include indoor cinemas, automated home control systems and impressive lighting and audio-visual effect throughout many of homes, but aesthetic design follows a less linear line and meanders between different eras of style and taste.

Modern Marbella chic
After decades in which Mediterranean-inspired white plastered houses and apartment complexes dominated, the 1990s gave birth to a sensual style inspired by the region’s Hispano-Moorish heritage. Soft lines, originally in white, gradually turned to terracotta as the designs of renowned architect Melvin Villaroël gained momentum across Marbella. Where he had sought inspiration in the south of Morocco, the next design wave produced ochre and sand-coloured homes that formed a contemporary interpretation of the Spanish country style.

Desired as such by Northern European homeowners, the style offered cool interior spaces and large, partly covered terraces surrounded by lush greenery and aquamarine pools. Some architects and interior designers allowed the style to acquire a colonial essence, complete with tasteful Asian furnishing, until more recently a new design era swept across Marbella to define the dawn of Modern Marbella Chic.

Partly in response to international modern trends Marbella is rediscovering how white can combine beautifully with the green of its nature and gardens, and the blue of sky, sea and pools. Early flirtations with modern design are being revived in crisp, clean lines that are modern, downright futuristic or even display retro modernist touches. The result is a wave of homes with clear white walls, large windows, elegant open-plan interiors that include spa-style bathrooms and state-of-the-art kitchens. In some cases the trend is towards more compact, style-led homes, but in whatever shape or form modern is the buzzword.

The world would be a boring place is people didn’t have different tastes and requirements, and thankfully this continues to be so in Marbella, but it cannot be denied that modern villas, apartment and luxury townhouses are very much in demand, ranking at the top of Marbella property wish lists where supply is struggling to keep with a desire to enjoy the lifestyle from a fresh perspective.

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